Aches & Pains Update

For those of you who are reading my blog; an update on effects from the aneurysm and surgery.

As or the last couple of days, I have felt pretty good. Still, the time I most feel head pain is first thing in the morning and sometimes right before falling asleep. Sinus pressure still seems to effect me greatly darn it and I’ve had two migraines since the surgery…double darn it.

I still have Vicodin, but only take it when the pain is very sever, which is still can be, but much less frequently. Usually the Tylenol helps, or closing my eyes.

I’m still struggling with stamina…or lack there of. I can do laundry and get a little tired, but talking for a long time or being around a lot of talking can really make me feel exhausted.

I’ve been working 5 to 6 hours a day, twice a week and by the time I get home I’m really pooped. Sometime with a bad headache that last for hours, but for the most part, once I eat something and rest for a bit, it feels better.

Overall, I’m doing better. I’m walking three times a week, just inside. We have a one-story, ranch-style house, so it’s a nice trek and it feels good to have some exercise and get my heart rate going.

I have a friend who’s father is currently dying from cancer. Sadly, there is nothing they can do for him and I’m told, even though she knows he is in pain, he is not complaining.

I was lucky in that I was able to have surgery to correct my problem and I AM complaining. I’ve tried to stop it. My little aches and pains are minor compared to what he is going through and what I’ve already gone through. The worst of my recovery
is over. Frustration and some lingering “after-effect” are all I have to contend with now and I should just buck up and tell people I’m “Good!”. Because, after what I HAVE been there, I truly am. And I’m very lucky to be alive, have all my motor functions and to be able to work some. I have the luxury of time for my recovering, her father does not and God bless him for being so strong for his family.

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