Going Solo

I needed to deposit my check at the bank. I had missed two other opportunities when Dave and I were out, so on Wednesday, I decided to drive the six miles to the bank and deposit my check myself.

I have driven that route a couple of time previously, but not by myself, or without Dave following behind me in the truck. Of course, I picked the coldest day of the year to venture out, but it went okay.

I made the mistake of clearing the snow off the top of my car first. I should have just let it fly off the roof of my car while driving because it taxed me far more than I was expecting.

Only during the return trip did I find myself having “problems”. Not serious, but enough to scare me a little and make me realize I’m just not ready for my 30 mile drive to work by myself just yet. Or perhaps I just don’t ever sweep snow off my car again! LOL

It did feel good to have some independence again though. Listen to my music and be on my own even for a short time.

The most positive outcome was that I knew I COULD do it.

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