Phantom Migraine

I had another phantom migraine today. Not that I’m complaining it WASN’T a migraine, I just wish I knew what is WAS. My eyes started to do strange things again, like they do when I get a migraine, so rather risk it by not taking the pills, I gobbled
up two Excedrin migraines and rested for a bit.

No pain developed, which is great, but a little frustrating. What’s causing the eyes to do that? I have cut way back on my caffeine consumption having only one or MAYBE two cups of caffeine tea a day, then doing decaf the rest of the day. I’m not eating peanuts, nor peanut butter. I’m not drinking, not eating horrid amounts of chocolate….just not sure. I haven’t been able to pin point a common-denominator between each time this has happened, but I guess I better start paying attention more.

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