Post-surgery. Yikes!

Clipping an aneurysm is when the skull is cut open to allow doctor’s access to the brain and arteries. Depending on the size and location of the brain aneurysm, some incisions may be larger, and more extensive and in different locations on the head. After opening the skull and removing what is called the “brain plate” doctors then need to carefully peel back all of the layers around the brain.

Once they have successfully found the brain aneurysm, they block off blood flow to the aneurysm by using a tiny titanium clip at the base of the brain aneurysm. The aneurysm is then punctured if it’s not too large to release the blood and for all intents and purposes, it no longer exists. The clip stays in place the rest of your life.

One thing I neglected to find out was how much skin would need to be opened to get to the skull and aneurysm. In my case, after the bone plate was replaced, I need to have 53 stitches to lock up that incision. thankfully it was along the hairline. A 1″ strip of hair was shaved. Some people require a more extensive shaving, but I was lucky in that respect.

My 2nd brain aneurysm was a good candidate for clipping. Due to the shape of the aneurysm, rectangular, the doctor didn’t feel coiling was the best, durable option. I agreed.

To learn more about the clipping procedure, please check out the Mayfield Clinic website for more.

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