Things To Do This Week

Yes, this week has finally come.

Wednesday (16th) I will have more coils added to my brain aneurysm after it was discovered in January that the 16 platinum coils that were inserted back in 2006
when it ruptured were either compacting or the aneurysm was growing and blood was flowing back into it. Since it’s an aneurysm that has already ruptured
once, everyone felt it was important to get this taken care of sooner rather than later.

The 2nd smaller aneurysm will be monitored. Right now there doesn’t appear to be a risk of rupture with that one, so it’s a wait-and-see-what-it-does kind of a mode. It may never grow or need any treatment…or it may grow or rupture. Who knows! Ah, the lovely, complicated, wonderful brain!

The hope is that they’ll do the coiling, I’ll be in ICU possibly just overnight, and I’ll be released to go home the following day (St. Patrick’s Day!). And if all goes well, that should be the case.

I have a small collection of things to take with me to the hospital on Wednesday. My “Get-Better-Bear” Care Bear my sister sent me in 2006, my comfy clothes for the ride back home, and I’m taking my iPad with me to keep me occupied. I have synced up an entire season of The Dick Van Dyke show on NetFlix as well as some podcasts. I know I won’t get any sleep in the hospital…they truly aren’t restful, but they treat you VERY well at Maine Medical Center. I had 20 days in the hospital in 2006 to witness that.

I’m told I may be very tired for some time (possibly weeks) after the procedure and may have a headache after the coiling. I know my groin will be sore. If you’re not familiar with endovascular coiling, here is good explanation. It’s ironic to have brain surgery and your groin to be the incision, but that’s one of the beauties of having coiling verses the far more invasive and dangerous
, where they open the skull and perform open brain surgery.

It’s still a procedure on your brain, however and one that is not without complications. I’m confident with my Dr. that he’ll do what needs to be done and do it well. I only plan to take four days off work.

I know I’m lucky and I’m blessed with each day I wake up Dave and our kitties. May the luck of the Irish be with me this week!

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