What This Kind of Looks Like

Although the diagram below isn’t exact, it’s a decent representation of how things are currently looking in my brain,
with regards to the larger aneurysm.

The one that ruptured in 2006 is approx. 1/2” in diameter. 16 platinum coils were inserted into the aneurysm. Since then, either the aneurysm has grown or the coils have compact resulting in a small pocket of blood to leak back into the aneurysm.

Last week, my neurointerventional radiologist attempted to add more coils to the aneurysm, but was uncomfortable doing that with the current conditions of my arteries and the wide neck of the aneurysm remnant, so a Neuform
Microdelivery Stent
was implanted across the neck of the

The stent will allow more control and easier delivery of coils to the aneurysm, which we will go back and try again
at the end of April.

According to the information I was given the size of the stent is a little less than 1/8” of an inch wide and a little over 3/4” of an inch long. The stent will allow blood to flow through that artery better and keep the artery open and clear for coil implants.

It’s pretty amazing to think of all this “metal” in my head now, but it’s saving my life.

Drugs and Other Enemies

Hey, I actually slept all night and didn’t have to do it sitting up. Although i think I DID sleep in the same position all night. Neck is very sore. I have the bean bag heated up and wrapped snugly around it.

My job today is to see how the of ALL of my new meds act together. I am now taking 5 pills a day. 3 of which are relatively new (Plavix, Aspirin & Cymbalta). I have discovered this morning that if I’m going to take that many at the same time, I need to eat a lot more at breakfast. I’m shaky and a tad disoriented…..but then I guess I’ve been that way the last six days anyway. Just still not sure how all of this is going to effect me and for how long. I felt pretty good last evening, but had a bad headache right before I went to bed.

I’m not in horrible pain this morning either, so that’s a good sign. My head feels woozy, but not pounding or throbbing and I’m just wicked tired…what else is new. Let’s hope these meds kick in quick, I can get everything regulated and get on with my life as it will be for now. I’m trying to get up and walk through the house as much as I can to keep things moving, but when I’m dizzy…probably not the wisest thing to do. LOL

It feels good to know that a lot of “stuff” I’ve been going through truly WAS withdrawel from taking the Provac cold turkey. Not the wisest thing to do I know, but none of the so-called medical professionals could give me a straight answer…or they could, but they chose not to respond to any of my calls. Better late than never, so I now have a script for Cymbalta and my system will now have to get used to that now. I only take those pills for PMS and for work stress, but without it, all hell could break loose!

At least my appetite has come back and I’m able to KEEP things down now. That was horrible and so exhausting. It’s been seven days, and I don’t think I’m doing too bad considering, but I’m not quite there yet.