First Day of The Weekend

I spent the first day of this weekend keeping my mind and body busy. Groceries was first on the list, and what a list it was! Thankfully, the weather was better today. Two hours later I was home and ready to cook!

I thought I’d try some freeze-ahead meals for Dave and I so neither one of us will have to worry about getting groceries or meal planning and cooking at the end of the week when I get home from the hospital.

So, I started with a treat for St.Patrick’s day, assuming I’ll be home like I’m supposed to be. I whipped up the Irish Beef Hand Pies from Martha Stewart. VERY easy to make and freeze. I hope they taste good. LOL

Next on the list was a comfort food dish recipe from Martha Stewart for Macaroni &
. I think this will hit the spot. After that I made some low-fat blueberry muffins (not from scratch, but from a mix).

THEN I made Dave and I dinner, which was Mustard-Braised Sausage & Potato Skillet. A very easy, one-dish meal I’ve made before.

Needless to say, I was pooped at the end of the day and we lose an hour of sleep tonight with the time change, so I’m sure I’ll be a useless lump on the couch tomorrow. But I sure feel good about what I accomplished today and I know we’ll both appreciate the pre-made meals later in the week when we need a good dinner.

Tomorrow I start the Plavix and Aspirin routine. I’m hoping my system handles the new MEDS okay.

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