I’ve had several weeks, and a few more yet, to think about and process my upcoming re-coiling of my brain aneurysm. The mix of emotions and thoughts that goes through one’s head when you have the time is amazing! I’ve had every emotion you can
imagine…and then some.

But, the difference this time as opposed to the emergency situation in 2006,┬áis that I can “plan” some things. I’ve┬árecorded some of my favorite movies on our DVR to watch while I’m recovering at home. I’m going to stock up on my favorite teas to enjoy afterwards and I’m making sure financial bills and other important things are taken care of prior to 3/16. I wasn’t given that luxury in 2006. So many people aren’t given the luxury of worrying about it after a rupture either. I’m one of the lucky ones, even though I still have another aneurysm sitting there, I’m waking up each day. Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones, even though I have to worry and plan for weeks and weeks. I should feel lucky I have the opportunity to do so. Right? Right.