Two MRIs in One Week

Around noon-time yesterday I ate lunch, took a Vicadin and laid down on the couch to possibly sleep!

Shortly after doing so, my thumb and index finger on my right hand went numb. Like I was getting a migraine. Oh, crap! What if I’m getting one…what do I do? Can I take an Excedrin Migraine WITH a Vicadin? I didn’t know. Then, as quickly as they went numb, they regained feeling. Hmm…what was that? I wasn’t having any other migraine symptoms like spots in my eyes or sick to my stomach or horrible head pain.

I did sleep a little. I was going to go get something to eat for dinner and my entire right hand went numb and the right side of my tongue went numb. Then my wrist went numb. What the heck was this? A migraine or not? I just didn’t know and I was concerned only due to the fact it was all on one side and it came and went throughout the afternoon. Of course, due to my aneurysm, I’m thinking stroke!

I tried to get in touch with Dr. D’angelo AND Dr. Kwan’s office, but of course they were both closed for the holiday. Great! I just needed someone to tell me this WASN’T a
stroke…so….off we went to the Augusta ER.

Luckily, no one was there again so I got right in and had to go through the whole story about four darn times.

The first “Dr.”’ to see me was either an intern of some sorts who didn’t speak very good English. Why can’t people learn to speak the language fluently before taking a position like that?
But…that’s another Blog entry!

I did NOT care for her saying “Ummm……..” before every single exam segment. She wasn’t picking out paint chips, she was supposed to be giving me an exam and knowing what she’s doing. If she hadn’t said “Umm….” it wouldn’t have been so bad….I guess.

Finally saw a REAL Dr. and he wanted me to have an MRI. GREAT! Lovely. Can’t wait. Just had one three says ago. The feeling in my hand and tongue had all come back and I was feeling better, but I reluctantly agreed it would be better to know now than wait it out all weekend. He said the MRI unit at that particular hospital is not “available” over the weekend, so I caught it at a good time.

They fed me a sandwich because we’d have about an hour wait and it was also time for some Tylenol, which they also gave me. I hate being back in a hospital again.

At 7:30 I went in. It was a little bit different (older unit I think) than the one in Scarborough, but one NICE thing
was that they let you listen to music of your choice! They put these huge headphones on you and it really dulled the noise. I liked that, but I did not like not having any communication with the person doing the exam, which I did in Scarborough. I got through it fine.

Within probably 10 minutes after the scan, the results were read by “the best radiologist in the hospital” and everything looked good. The Dr. thinks it may have just been a migraine,
but possibly due to the Vicadin, there was no pain. I didn’t really have any other migraine symptoms, so I guess, but I am glad I checked it out and he did confirm it wasn’t stroke related. I just really didn’t know. Dave was convinced
something so isolated wouldn’t be a stroke, but the Dr. said they had a 40 year old woman in last week with numbness in one side of her arm and hip and it WAS a stroke, so I was glad we checked it out. We got home around quarter to 9:00.

I suppose I may go through this for a long time until I hear from Dr. Kwan, what I should and shouldn’t be concerned
about. My list of questions for him are getting much longer!

I’m tired today, but feel okay. I just almost feel a little silly for running in to the ER. I wonder how many other
people who have aneurysms feel that way too when something happens that they’re just not sure if it’s a result of the brain surgery or not.

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