Some Ideas

Yesterday was a rough day. I did far too much the last two days with the trip down for the MRI/MRA and then two visits and the store on Wednesday. I felt horrible Wednesday night and almost all of yesterday with bad headaches, VERY tired and some other lingering effects that I was told the Vicadin may be causing.

My nurse visited yesterday and she may have shed some light on a couple of things. Apparently some of the symptoms I have displayed the last couple of days with the double vision, confused vision, headaches and nausea, may simply be caused by 20 days in the hospital and two weeks as home!

She said it’s quite common for folks who haven’t had a lot of stimulation outside the hospital or home to experience exactly what I did. Even the hair loss. Obviuosly, I’m not washing my hair on a daily basis just yet because it really poops me out, so there will be an accumulative effect on the days I DO wash my hair. Makes far more sense.

I will still ask my Dr. on Tuesday about all of these things and hopefully he can tell me what I should and shouldn’t expect and what is and isn’t related to the surgery, so I won’t freak
out…which I am KIND OF doing until I know better.

I feel better today and hope to get out for some fresh air later as Dave said he’ll let me boss him around in the garden to button it up the for winter. I hope we’re still speaking to one another when we get back in house! LOL

Also, the occupational therapist came yesterday and she gave me some other good advice for everyday-living type of things for therapy.

A lot of people, including all the folks from Health Reach and on the message board, say that with this kind of situation, depression is not uncommon. Great! Just what I need for the
holidays! Hopefully, with the help of my fantastic psychologist, I can avoid that trap.