Phase 3

I think this is phase 3 of my recovery.

It’s the time where people don’t even respond to my “reports” on how I’m doing anymore. They’ve been there, done that, so why bother. I’m sure it’s something like: “I’ve already told her I was glad she survived, I have better things to do”.

OR, could it be I’m missing human contact (other than Dave. He must be sick of me!) or that I have PMS….or that depression phase I’ve been hearing so many people say I might experience is happening. Just not sure.

I think that “cooped up feeling” is going to start too, but I just can’t do too much yet, so this could be a test the next couple of weeks.

Hell, I’ve survived worse.


Well, I guess this is a big step. I did two loads of laundry yesterday for the first time. Goody!?!?!?

I took it slow, basically leaned into the washing machine trying not to bend over too much and sat on the floor to
unload the dryer. But even with all those “precautions”, I was still mentally,visually and physically exhausted and had a lovely headache all day.

But I did it.