Hair Loss

When my nurse visits tomorrow, I have a question for her: Can anything I’m taking or doing result in hair loss?

Now, I always lose a little bit of hair after I shower and brush my hair, but since coming home I’m losing a LOT of
hair. Gobs…maybe a tad exaggeration, but it sure seems far more extensive than it used to be.

Shopping Adventure

When I left my visit from work, I was very tired and my eyes and balance were bothering me, but I needed to run into Rite Aid and give them my new insurance info. Well, I suppose I didn’t NEED to go in, but I thought I’d give it a try since I need a few more items and thought it would be easier for me to go in and get them myself, rather than explain exactly what I needed to Dave. I wish I had!

The hairspray wasn’t difficult, but when I hit the toothpaste aisle….issues! I had trouble focusing. Had trouble concentrating on what items I needed to get. It was odd, frustrating and I got a little ill.

Once we got out of there, I was dizzy. I had to close my eyes on the way home and went right to bed when I got home. Still not feeling great, but I couldn’t get to sleep. I am just NOT a napper! LOL

So, that was my first test at going into a store. I guess I can’t do it just yet! Sorry Dave!


I stopped in at work today for a visit. It was great to see everyone and strange to be there and not go to work, but
I’m just not ready yet. I need to feel good for a string of days, not just one or two here and there. I certainly can’t drive yet.

I think people were expecting to see me with a scarf on my head covering a scar of some kind. Most don’t realize my incision was through my groin and it was only a puncture wound. No hair loss or scalp removal….again, I was very lucky. So, I’m pretty sure they’re remarks that I looked good, was that they were expecting something a little more ghastly.

I was pooped when I left.


Yesterday I had an MRI and a MRA.

Well….first thing. I THOUGHT I had had an MRI before in the 80’s when I had those lovely 7 migraines within 5 days. Well, apparently I did NOT as this was nothing like I had ever experienced before that’s for sure!

Right before we left the house, I had a double-vision issue. Thankfully, it was very brief, but it was enough to scare
me for a minute and rethink my going for the MRI at all. But it didn’t last long. I think I just over did it this morning. Sounding like a broken record!!

LOUD! Very loud. I wasn’t sure what I could or couldn’t wear into the room and the only thing I had to take off was
my bra, due to the hooks and my watch. Obviously my glasses too. There was a kind of helmet that came down completely around my head and face and these foam pads were put inside the helmet on both sides of my face. Very restrictive, but not painful.

I wasn’t expecting loud though. They gave you ear plugs and ran through several scans that were in lengths ranging from 1 minutes to 3 minutes. Then the big MRA which recorded my blood vessels which lasted 7 minutes. 7 LONG minutes! Very hard to keep completely still for that one.

I also felt something odd in my legs and feet during the scans. When it was done and a woman came in to help me out of the darn thing, she asked me if my feet raised off the table. When I think thought about it, they did! She knew that the shoes I had on from LL Bean had steel bands in the footing. The guy who brought me in did not, so he didn’t take them off. She WOULD have and told him afterwards for the next time. LOL That was an odd sensation for sure because the shoes were being pulled towards my chest near the machine, but I didn’t realize it.

Needless to say, I was beat afterwards,nhad a horrible headache, eye ache and ear ache and hungry. We ate, then got home around 6:30. I went right to bed with a cold cloth on my head and laid down until Dancing With The Stars came on. A Vicadin and a tylenol later, I feel better.

Results will be next Tuesday.