Film At 11

I’ve seen many videos and demonstrations online showing graphics of brain aneurysm operations and medical personnel discussing procedures, treatments and causes of brain aneurysms, but the video below is by far the most educational one I’ve seen to date.

All of the doctors speak clearly and in a language the typical lay person can understand, but it’s the questions the moderator asks (some from viewers) that are probably THE most asked questions. When we’re at brain aneurysm events, many of those types of questions are asked of us. It was reassuring to know we’re speaking the same language as medical professionals.

It’s an hour long, but well worth it. The main focus of the video is coiling an un-ruptured brain aneurysm and the “what, why, and how” of that procedure, but they go into very good details on other treatments and causes of brain aneurysms. I think anyone out there who is newly diagnosed would find this very useful. It’s produced by Baptist Health hospital in South Florida and their staff members are obviously touting their own facility, which looks very good by the way, so if you’re from Florida…you’re lucky to have such a great team!

Brain Aneurysm Video

I have been through two coilings and now a clipping at Maine Medical Center from 2006, and I believe the Neuroscience Institute staff that MMC has acquired is now one of the top crews on the east coast. They’re highly skilled, diverse surgeons and interventional radiologists who can handle cases that were always sent to Boston. People should no longer question having their brain aneurysm operated on at Maine Med. We are very lucky to have this talented group of individuals and nurses helping our local community.

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