Tired and Grumpy

It’s my 2nd week of working part-time from home. I was exhausted on Saturday after just working Mon., Wed, and Fri. I was glad it was Saturday…I needed the rest and I took full advantage and did absolutely nothing….well, only after I made tuna fish and pasta salads. THEN I laid down on the couch all day and enjoyed every last second of it.

The time change didn’t help either because we lost an hour. The mid-afternoon sleepies hit with great veracity, but instead of taking a long break and going back into my office to work later, I’m making myself work through it by getting up and walking and keeping myself awake. Not sure how that will work when I get back into the office, but it’s where I am right now.

The scar on my head has been aching and I’ve notice an indent where the bone flap/plate is more than I ever have before. Not sure if it’s because swelling has gone down or if there is still swelling around my jaw bone that makes the indent more pronounced, but I’m not crazy about it. I think I feel it more than I see it so it bothers me more as a result of feeling it. I’m having some trouble sleeping and I know I need my sleep, especially at night so I make it through the day better. Still wish I could sleep on my left side….I miss it!

Just feeling a little down. I know I’ll probably have to take it easy this year in the garden, which means I won’t be planting much, nor weeding much. Right now, my garden is too high maintenance and frustrating. Weeds take over, japanese beetles destroy all my roses and there isn’t enough sun for the plants that are there, so they flop over and depress me because I should be taking better care of it and I poop out after July. Why do I bother? LOL It’s just a big hodge podge of stuff. No rhyme or reason behind anything planted there.

I know bending over and overexerting myself will prevent me from doing the work I usually do each spring in the garden and that will be frustrating. I DID plant hundreds of tulips this past fall though, so hopefully, if we don’t get spring flooding and they all wash away, I’ll have a late spring display that will make me smile.

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