Learning to Embrace My Dent

I am learning to embrace my dent…dip, depression, hollow, or indent. I’m sure there’s a proper medical term for it, but that’s what I’m calling it.

Since the swelling around my incision and jaw line near my ear has finally gone down, it has exposed a small “dent” in my head off to the left of my forehead. Well, obviously, that’s where it is because that’s where the surgery was performed.

I have met several survivors of craniotomies and knew the possibility of getting one of these dents in my skull, but was hoping it wouldn’t occur with me. I’m not sure why I assumed I’d be some kind of special case! Truthfully, it’s not that big of a deal and probably no one would even notice it if I didn’t point it out…or write a blog entry all about it, but I am seriously noticing it now.

Of course I have an indent. The skin on my skull was cut open and splayed out for all the world to see and my skull was cut open. Um…yeah, that’ll happen with a craniotomy and brain aneurysm clipping. And I’m certain anyone else reading this who has had a craniotomy, (or several) know what I’m talking about. The one-inch strip of hair they shaved is not a big deal for me…it’s just hair. I’ll grow back and if it didn’t, there are extensions and wigs out there to mask that damage. Bucky Dent there in my forehead won’t grow back (I don’t think!) and with my thinning hair, I may or may not be able to get what’s left of my bangs to continuously cover it.

Oh, well…I’m alive. I have sight, hearing, speech, motor skills, and a man and two kitties who love me. Yes, I’m learning to embrace my dent. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, but there is nothing I can do about it at this point. It is what it is, right?

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