Three Week Update

At the three week mark, I need to step up my recovery and build up my stamina. Dr. Dave informed me yesterday he needs to get me OUT of the house and exposed to more stimuli. Hmm….wonder what that means…and just where did he get that direction?

Seriously though, I do need to do that. During my recovery after my rupture, once I started going into surroundings that I wasn’t seeing on a daily basis that had a lot of clutter, it was tough to process all of the data my brain was seeing. I am hoping I won’t have that kind of difficulty this time because the clipping wasn’t an emergency situation like the rupture in 2006 was.

I’m now trying to come up with a word or two to describe what my scalp feels like the last couple of days. It doesn’t hurt or ache really, it just feels…odd. When I psychically touch the left side of my head it psychically feels like my scalp has been shot up with novocaine and I’m told it could feel that way for months. That’s an easy one to describe and something other people can relate to.

However, when I’m not touching it, there are odd sensations and slight aches and pains when I’m simply sitting still. I’m assuming it’s all part of the process…just strange for me going through clipping this first time after multiple coilings

My hair is growing back and, if the winds are favorable, I can cover that area up with the longer hair around the 1″ wide shaved section and the incision. If it’s windy…well, people get the freak show.

When I have my 4-week follow up appointment, I’ll be curious to ask my Dr. exactly where the bone section of the skull was removed and to get a better idea of the size of the aneurysm.

From middle of forehead to ear Hair growing back And some hair covers it

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