Hodgepodge Entry

Better day today. Felt much better when I first woke up. Started doing some very small loads of laundry, which was good as it helped me walk up and down stairs. Then I wanted to go outside for a walk, so Dave and I set out up the road. Really enjoyed the fresh air and as I was looking up at the bare, stark tree limbs against the beautiful blue sky, I thanked God for blessing me with life and allowing me to continue. January was such a rough month for my family and as things start to settle down, the sadness of losing my other sister continues to linger. Again I ask God…why am I still here? Apparently he has other plans for me.

And one of those plans was a giant NAP! LOL After small loads of laundry and the walk, I could not keep my eyes open and was wobbly. Dave went into town to pick up a print job and some groceries and I settled down for a long, winter’s nap. Unfortunately, when I woke up, I wasn’t feeling as good as I was earlier. Dinner helped, then I wanted to take a shower.

I guess I got a little rough with my hair in the shower, even though I thought I was very gentle at the time because my incision ached quite a bit afterwards. Stitches are starting to dissolve, but there is still quite the raised area on the incision and anytime I “catch” the incision with my fingernail or the end of a comb or brush, it’s an owie!

As I was settling down after the shower, I started to read some of my digital magazines on my iPad. This is the first time I made a concerted effort at reading things longer than a Tweet or Facebook post. It went well. We’ll see how I feel in the morning, but it’s a start. Since I stare at a computer all day at work, I’ll need to build up to lengthier times with on-screen viewing.

We’re supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow, so no walking outside for awhile and I will miss that. Not that I’m going anywhere…oh, yeah…I had brain surgery 19 days ago! I can rest.

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