Out and About

Thursday overnight and Friday were not pleasant. I could not get comfortable and could not get to sleep. I spent all day Friday in bed and didn’t venture out of the room until the evening to watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Then, of course, I was up very late because I had slept during the day….but at least I felt better.

Not sure what triggered that set back. I straightened up my home office Thursday afternoon and may have bent over to pick things up off the floor from my chair a little too much. That’s the only thing I could think of. My head had a heavy ache about it and my jaw felt a little swollen. Pain pills and cold cloths helped finally.

Today, I woke up feeling better and knew I needed a prescription from the drugstore, so I showered, which still wipes me out, then Dave drove me to the drugstore which is about 15 minutes away. Not convenient to home, but very convenient to work. The drive bothered me because it was very sunny out and the light flashing through the trees effected me. The roads are also rough this time of year with frost heaves popping up, so the jerking and jarring of the car bothered me a bit.

Walking into the drugstore wasn’t too bad and I even looked in one aisle for another item. Although I certainly felt all of that stimulus and it bothered me, I know from previous experience, it will get better. I just need to get out there more.

Then, like an idiot when I got home, I did too much and really felt lousy so had to lay down and had a nice nap. Dave, bless his heart, threw a beef stew in the slow cooker before we left and we had a lovely dinner later in the day.

The majority of the stitches around my ear, where my glasses hit, have healed, but there is still quite a bit of dried blood in the larger areas of the incision. I’m trying to be more gentle around those areas yet.

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