Oh, That Pain

Miserable night. The pain in my lower back and sciatic area has now exceeded any pain in my head and I’m unable to get comfortable standing, sitting, walking, or laying as a result. Walked for 30 minutes but no relief. It’s also not helping the swelling in my incision go down because I can’t get comfortable long enough to hold ice in my face/head long enough to make any difference.

Oddly, I haven’t receive any kind of follow-up call from any Dr. or hospital yet, so this morning I made a call to Dr. Eckers office to inquire about what else I can do about this pain. I either had forgotten or never heard that I could also take Tylenol with the narcotic so I’m going to try more of that. They also said sitting in my air-jet tub for 15 minutes wouldn’t hurt, so I’m all over that!

I’m also going to try sitting in living room instead of bedroom. The furniture out there is a bit more stable and supportive. I already was able to fall asleep after breakfast on the love seat so that’s great I felt comfortable. There is hope…until I move of course.Today is first day I’ve been able to read a little better online. Got onto Pinterest and that didn’t bother me. Twitter and Facebook are still a tad busy though. I tried to watch a video on my iPad last night when I couldn’t sleep, but that was hard to focus on. Not responding to emails or Facebook DM’s ….sorry. Please read my blog. It’s easier for me to write in bits and pieces throughout the day to everyone than to pay attention to each comment. Sorry.

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