Ice, Ice, Baby

Another sleepless night spent not getting comfortable and taking pain pills…not due to head at all, but the nerve pain in lower back. Ugh! making me very ugly.

Slept all day yesterday when I could get comfortable, so today I’m forcing myself to walk more and use ice more. Seems to be helping at the moment.

Was able to sleep with some on ice on my face, which has helped swelling on face. Hair around incision starting to stubble back in and skin is still numb in one area which feels odd. Jaw is feeling better so was able to eat a sandwich for lunch.

Weekday television is just horrible! Started watching MR. SELFRIDGE from iTunes. Good so far. NASCAR racing could not come soon enough to help pass the day. Looking forward to the new season.

Coughing is very bad on the head. I have swallowed something down wrong pipe or had a tickle a few times and had to cough and I feel it all along the incision and internally. Haven’t had to sneeze though and will do everything in my power to avoid that! Bending down and over effects my balance and I’m moving slowly, but without a cane. Small successes. Have to keep reminding myself it has only been barely over a week since surgery.