Apparently, my body decided to shift to the left during the night and I ended up sleeping on the incision side of my head/face for some time. Woke up 3 a.m. feeling pretty lousy. Woke up, walked to bathroom and realized I had a good setback and my face was all swollen again.

DSCN4761Without waking Dave up to get me ice, I kept getting a cold clothe to put on face and was finally able to fall back to sleep for a bit, but still very uncomfortable. Breakfast, drugs, and ice helped ease the pain and discomfort. Short nap and a walk with my cane helped too, but need to make sure I do more ice today. As nine-time aneurysm surgery survivor Lori told me…ice is your friend.

I still have to eat very soft foods due to jaw muscle being so sore from them cutting it, but I think it’s starting to get a bit better. I have to keep reminding myself it hasn’t even been a week since the surgery.

Received a beautiful bouquet of lilies and snapdragons from The Research Team at Johnny’s. Very, very nice and brought a smile to my semi-swollen face.

I am not answering individual emails yet. Just too much reading and writing.  Actually write my one blog entry throughout the day when I’m feeling good. I’m not ignoring people, just easier to communicate via one forum right now.

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