More Meds

TMI ALERT!!I’m taking stool softeners 3 times a day along with suppositories now and still can’t poop much. Ugh! Thinking that’s also why back is so sore. And,now….sore throat has developed and a slight cough when I lay down. Great! My head, however, feels pretty darn good. Go figure.

Vermont Teddy BearDSCN4762I received my very first Vermont Teddy Bear today in the mail from my family. Such beautifully constructed bears and sooo cute with the hospital gown and bracelet and bandage around left ear. My family sent it…as is our tradition. Love them all and it surely seems odd to not have a sister to chat with about everything. Going to take some more getting used to…not that I have much choice.

Trying to figure out what to do with my back pain. Waiting for return call from PA a Dr. Ecker’s office. Pain pills, heat, cold, rest or walking don’t seem to be helping.

So, I’m going to try more steroids, and a relaxant for my back/butt. I’ll try anything if it eases that pain. Who’da thunk after brain surgery it would be my butt that is giving me the most trouble!

Got a nice card in the mail from the Purchasing Department at Johnny’s today. Thanks so much! They bring a smile to my swollen face.

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