Two Weeks Out

Almost two weeks ago, I had my brain aneurysm re-coiled at Maine Medical Center in Portland. I’m doing very well considering the little scare at the end of the procedure.

My headaches have been minor. I have to keep reminding myself that THIS coiling was due to a problem with the aneurysm and not a rupture like it was in 2006, so the tense and dramatic issues my entire body had to deal with almost five years ago was due to the rupture and not the coiling.

A co-worker’s husband had a rupture the day after my re-coiling. He’s very lucky to be alive. And it AGAIN, brings to light just how lucky I was and am.

Fatigue is something I’m still battling, but that’s par for the course with any procedure apparently. I know it will get better. I also need to assist in that regard with eating better and eating foods that increase my energy level and, oh, I don’t know…maybe getting some exercise? Easier said that done….exercise also makes me tired. Right now I’m nervous about getting up at 5:30 to using the treadmill. I’m so sleepy that I’m afraid I’ll lose my footing and crash into the wall behind it. At least…that’s the excuse I’m using right now! LOL

I’ve never weighed as much as I do now, and I’m not crazy about it, but I AM alive. I’m alive.

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