I worked from home today. Luckily, I can do almost everything I do at work here in my home office…it just takes longer to connect to all the servers.

I wanted to see how sitting in front of the computer all day effected me before I tried the 30 mile drive to work. Shortly after noon, I developed a headache and got very tired, so I laid down and promptly fell sleep, then woke up, finished a project that needed to be done by 4 and called it a day.

That damn fatigue again….jeez, I just did this a month ago! It was an absolutely beautiful weekend here inMaine and I wanted to work out in my garden so badly, just didn’t have the energy yet. I know it will get better, but it’s still frustrating……again.

The areas on both hands where I had IV’s are sore, but didn’t bruise, which is odd, but the incision in the groin still hurts and DID bruise, which is also odd for me. bending over and moving my head too quickly still bothers me, but I’ve been there, done that. I know I am very, very lucky.

Tomorrow I’ll try working at home again then drive in on Thursday and Friday.

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