A Little Free Advertising?

Okay, so some free advertising never hurt anyone right? I wore my Aneurysm Survivor shirt to the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden’s today. I figured if anyone had suffered a brain aneurysm or knew someone who had, they might strike up a conversation with us.

One woman asked me if I had survived one (well, duh…that’s what the t-shirt says!), and I said yes. She didn’t have any family members or friends who had, but was a nurse, so she knew what they could do. She said I looked great. I told her “God bless you and tell your friends!”.

Then another young woman asked me about the shirt and told me she knew a young mother of three who had a rupture. Her 5-year old had found her and called for help. Thankfully, she survived as well and is doing great. Dave pulled out the business card with the Walk 4 Brain Aneurysm Awareness info on it and told her to let her friend know. She was from South Portland.

It seemed like we were peddling the walk, but the more people in the state we can get involved, the better. And it just so happened she was local, so it seemed fine. She may not have felt that way, but she did accept the card, and we thank her for doing that.