What’s Next

I’ve been too busy and tired to post again, but better late than never if anyone out there is still reading this.

I had my appointment with Dr. D’Angelo a couple of weeks ago. I had all my questions ready to go and written down and I even tasked Dave with taking notes because my hand writing is so horrible, I didn’t want to miss anything.

We no sooner go into the appointment, when the Dr. got a phone call and cut our appointment very short. He was on-call and there was an emergency, so I certainly don’t expect him to drop everything for me and I completely understand that, but after driving all the way down there, I did feel a tad slighted. Not his fault, but still very disappointing. I wasn’t able to ask any of my questions.

He did shed a little light on where Dr. Kwan is and that they’re searching for a replacement, but that going to Boston to have any serious procedure isn’t a bad thing. He claimed he DID remember me, but I doubt it. LOL He’s seen so many people since then I highly doubt he’d remember little ‘ol me.

I took all of my Angiogram, MRI and CT scans on disk with me, but he said he needed to see more recent images, so I was told he wanted to me to have an MRA. Which is an MRI, but with contrast. His office called a week later and this coming Tuesday I’ll be going down to Maine Med for my MRA.

However, when pre-registration and radiology called tonight, they said it was for an MRI, so I need to call the Dr’s office back tomorrow to make sure everyone is on the same page on what it supposed to be done.

I’m obviously hoping everything looks good, but I’m hoping I get another opportunity to speak to Dr. D’Angelo and ask those questions I’ve been wanting answers to. With no one treating me locally anymore for my neuro issues, I’m feeling a tad lost and abandoned. I had high hopes for this one appointment with him, only to be in his office less than 10 minutes. Again…I know that wasn’t his fault.

As the 2nd anniversary of my annie creeps up, again, I’m recalling this time of year in 2006 still. I wonder how many years this will go on? It’s odd.

I’m feeling relatively good, so I’m having good thoughts about the MRA/MRI. And I’m hoping they’ll let me know the results sooner rather than later so I don’t have to wait it out.

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