2-Year Angiogram Results

I had my 2-year angiogram following procedure yesterday. I have to admit I was nervous because Dr. Kwan wasn’t doing the procedure, but I was soon put at ease when I found out the Dr. that WAS doing my angio, Dr. Thomas Dykes, was the Dr. who did my first angio back on Oct. 5th, 2006 to confirm it was an annie and a rupture prior to my coiling. I felt better after I found that out.

After what occurred during my last angiogram I made sure they did not attempt to use the angio seal/plug this time. They all concurred they would not do the seal. I was glad! So what if I had to lay around for four hours, I wouldn’t have to endure the pain again.

I was exceptionally dopey after this angio though. Perhaps it was just because I was just so tired after a long, long week getting final files to the printer for the catalog. Regardless, all I wanted to do was close my eyes.

Dave, as usual, was my angel and was by my side almost the entire time. I wasn’t nearly as peppy this time, but he helped feed me again, which is tough to do when you have to lay almost flat and he took me out for an M&M McFlurry at McDonalds afterwards, which hit the spot.

The great news is that about two hours after the procedure, Dr. Dykes came and informed me the nothing had changes since the last angiogram and everything looked good!! Just what I wanted to hear. So, now I know all those little annoying headaches I continue to get are just that….annoying headaches due to not eating well, not drinking enough fluids and just overworking my poor little brain.

Even two years later, I know I’m still healing. I’m the only one who knows what I’m still having difficulty with and what I’ve gotten back to full-strength. And, yes, there are still some things.

But this was great news and I’m thrilled. And, as usual, the staff at Maine Medical Center in Portland were fantastic.

I’m still pretty sore in the groin area today, but I knew it was going to be that way and I’m taking care of myself. Taking care of myself…that’s what it’s all about now.

Angiogram Scheduled

I was called and told my 2-year angiogram is schedule for next Friday at 10:00 at Maine Medical.

I’m still not sure why I had to have the MRI, but I guess I’ll find out. I don’t know who is going to do the procedure which is making me a tad apprehensive. I knew that Dr. Kwan had saved my life and I felt great comfort in knowing he was going my 6-month angiogram. He also had a nice bedside manner and ease about him.

I’m also concerned about getting my point across about the difficulty Dr. Kwan had in using the angio-seal the last time. I’m not sure he mentioned it in his notes. I hope he did. I’ll continue to mention it and hope they either don’t try it again, or they’ll use a new incision. Dr. Kwan felt I had a lot of scar tissue in the one they used.

So, I’ll be getting final catalog files together next week and waiting all week for this angiogram. So much for a restful week!

2-Year Annie-Versary Today

Two years ago, my life changed. Thankfully, it changed in a way that allowed me to still be here.

It’s a lovely Fall day here in Maine, just as it was in 2006. But instead of being awakened with horrific pain, I heard a chipmunk chirping outside my window, my Maine man getting his morning coffee and my kitty cats flitting about the house waiting to be fed. Yes, this morning was far better.

Last night I treated Dave to a wonderful dinner at The Village Inn here in Belgrade. I ordered a split (small bottle) of champagne and we toasted to being alive. I wanted to pay for it to thank him for everything he’s done, and continues to do, for me. He was at the hospital EVERY day I was there. He drove down at 2:00 a.m. one morning after having just left, because I needed him. He got groceries for months after I got home. He drove me back and forth to work until I was able to drive on my own. He cleaned house, did laundry, did dishes and took care of me…and never complained. He’s my angel.

Today we’ll bundle up and take the pontoon boat out for probably our last cruise of the season and enjoy the fresh, cool crisp air and the view. Two years ago it was an ugly room in ICU. I’ll take this one any  day!

Happy Annie-versary to me!

MRI/MRA Results (?)

I don’t know if it’s bad new or good news, or just simply no news, but apparently the MRI/MRA didn’t show Dr. D’Angelo what he “needed to see”….so I now have to have an angiogram.

I’m not too pleased with the reason I was given or the fact I have to endure the angiogram again. MRIs are just annoying, but angiograms are a bit more serious.

Of course, his receptionist is on vacation all next week, so it won’t be addressed again until after she’s back in two weeks. Then I don’t know if I’ll be having the angiogram here in Maine or I’ll have to go to Boston. Dr. Kwan performed my last angio.

We’ll see.