Follow Up

Well, obviously, since I haven’t posted in awhile, that either means I’m really ill and can’t do it, or I’m feeling pretty darn good and don’t have much to report. I’m happy to say, it’s the latter. Until now.

I have finally started to make some arrangements for my 2-year follow-up. Since Dr. Kwan has left the area, and I’ve only heard rumors about a recent hiring in MA, I contacted his old office and was told he had referred me to Dr. D’Angelo, the neurosurgeon who attended to me first at Maine Medical in Portland. In fact, I saw Dr. D’Angelo more than I did Dr. Kwan…he was also the one who gave me my “walking papers” when I was finally released. He sure made me smile THAT day!

Anyway, I have just an appointment to see Dr. D’Angelo in Scarborough, Maine on Sept. 8th where he will then determine the next course of action. Either an MRI or an angiogram and then to determine WHERE all this will be done. I’m hoping it can all be done here in Maine, but we’ll see.

Neurosurgery and Spine Associates

Of course the last couple of weeks I’ve been having headaches, but I think it’s more due to starting to work harder on the catalog and the natural stress that puts on my brain. It’s hard work to think! LOL I find my eyes are very tired at the end of the day…but I have to drive that 30 miles home, so no resting until then. I need to make myself get up from my desk and rest my eyes and brain for 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon. I remember I did that a lot last year….I guess I still need to do it.

I’m already nervous about ANY testing being done, but it probably won’t come for a couple of months yet. I’m glad I’m going to meet with Dr. D’Angelo though. He’s highly regarded in the area and I have great trust in him. He was brutally honest to me in the hospital, and I appreciated that. He didn’t sugar coat the seriousness of my situation and how he really didn’t want to operate on that area of the brain and was very hopeful that Dr. Kwan would come in and do the coiling….I am too.

Things are moving ahead, so I’m glad something has been taken care of. I’m still not happy about no interventional radiologist in Maine though.

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