I have started doing my low-impact yoga in the mornings and doing neck stretches. I need both badly. Yes, I’ve been
resting, but it’s making me wider and stiffer. My joints and muscles are extremely tight. That was VERY evident the first time I did yoga. They’re very simple, very low-impact stretches and before the ruptured aneurysm, they were a breeze, but not now. That’s frustrating, but I know my body has been through an ordeal with being in the hospital for 20 days, then home bound for two months without very little exercise. I got out and walked more in the hospital than I do at home. No fun walking down the road by yourself, especially during hunting season when we’re in the woods.

I suppose I should start walking inside more. Get my sneakers on and MOVE. I’d love to start working on the water rower, but I think I need to get my balance and energy in line before I attempt that. Obviously, if wrapping gifts tires me out, then using my rowing machine could kill me! LOL I joke, but I know it would be too much…and that’s frustrating.

I can’t say I’m depressed because I can’t do things I used to do before the rupture, but it certainly is frustrating. I feel fine doing certain things, but more taxing activities are extremely draining. I’m still recovering that’s for sure, not matter how I look on the outside, I’m still struggling on the inside.

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