Just Happy to Be Here

I survived another birthday on Friday. My 40ish-something birthday. I also survived my first “party” since my ruptured annie. Dave drove me in for the JSS holiday party, but not without letting me open a few gifts and cards at home. My family and friends back in NY & Canada had all sent me packages which I opened gladly. Frankly, I’m just happy to BE here for this birthday. And I was thrilled to be able to go to the party. They always do such fun activities during the Christmas season, and I missed being a part of that this year.

Apparently folks were warned to not “overwhelm” me at the luncheon which was good. Just going up the stairs, getting my food and sitting in a new, holiday setting, was different
and the festivities during the lunch were very enjoyable and funny that my head hurt from laughing at the end and I was quite tired, but overall, it went very well. I received a couple of very nice gifts from my coworkers as well as my boss and unwrapping and all the excitement got to me.

I was tired and had a headache when I got home, but a nap and a Vicadin later, I felt much better and Dave even went
in and picked up an order at The Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. Overall, it was a busy day, but a good day. I did a lot of things and wasn’t in too much pain at the end of the day. All the good meals helped!

Saturday, however, I was pretty wiped out and didn’t do much. No matter where I sat, I fell asleep. I didn’t feel bad, just VERY tired.

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