Ho, Ho, Frustrating

I never would have thought that wrapping Christmas gifts would be so damn tiring. Two times I’ve sat on the floor and wrapped and got dizzy and exhausted. Who’da thunk unrolling wrapping paper, peeling a piece of scotch tape and folding wrapping paper around a box would  poop me out. Very frustrating.

A lot of things are frustrating me right now. I’m feeling frustrated because I just can’t DO everything the way I
used to. I’ve had to rethink or readjust ways I do laundry, ways I take a shower, dry my hair put on clothes, bend over to pick things up…..I’m justmnot normal…or my “new” normal will be completely different from now on. I can’t just pick up and do certain things like I used to and that’s very frustrating and I get snippy and there it is. I’d do it…if I felt I could do it safely and not get weak and dizzy. I can’t help it…it’s just the way I am now! i have to deal with….others will have to too. Merry freaking Christmas.

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