The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good
I finally got my car inspected on Monday afternoon. It was due in September, but with catalog work in full gear, I was taking the 30 grace period to the limit. Then with the hospital
stay…well, you get the picture. It was WAY over due and I really wanted to be legal before I got behind the wheel again. (oops…I drove the car on Sunday..shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone!)

So, Dave drove me to the dealership for the inspection and to have a tired checked out. All went well thankfully and we
were on our way. Dave’s truck had been in the shop for well over a week or two and it was ready to be picked up, so I agreed we’d stop to get it and I’d drive home by myself since it went so well on Sunday. This trip would mean a little
bit more traffic on some more tricky road patterns.

I did okay. By the time I got home, my eyes were bothering me and so was my head. It felt good to drive again though
and have my Christmas carols cranked up in the car. My favorite time of year!

But, instead of resting my eyes and my head when I got home, I jumped on the computer for a couple of hours and worked on some ads for work which lead to….

The Bad
My head continued to get worse and I continued to get more tired and weary. Right around dinner time I HAD to rest and lay down, then I went to bed quite early because I just did not feel good. I was paying for the activities today and it was my own fault for not resting when I got home. I have GOT to listen to my body more.

Tuesday morning I felt much better, but my eyes still felt like lead. Very weary, not painful, just horribly heavy. I did do some work on the computer, but not quite as much or at least I gave myself some more breaks. I did end up cooking a nice dinner.

The Ugly
I awoke Wednesday morning not feeling very hot. I didn’t get much sleep and then at around 8:30 I got a migraine. This time is really WAS one and it felt like it. Darn….I was hoping they would have decreased after the annie, but I guess not. I immediately whipped up some breakfast to get something in my stomach, then popped my Excedrin Migraine pills, which did help, but I still had some pretty severe head pain throughout the morning and afternoon. It came in waves.

I have no idea what triggered this one. I’m not under any stress at the moment. I haven’t been eating a lot of chocolate. I haven’t been drinking alcohol except an odd glass of wine. It’s not that “time of the month”.  I have almost completely cut out full caffeine tea opting for decaf and I haven’t been eating any peanuts…so all those so-called triggers can’t be blamed for this one. The only thing I can think of is the cheddar cheese omelets and processed meats I’ve been eating.

And now, because of the caffeine in the Excedrin migraine, it is now 12:18 on Thursday morning and I can’t sleep. Glad they help with the pain, but sometime’s that caffeine is a real pain.

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