A Sunday Drive

I did it! I drove today. First time since Oct. 4th. I had to sweep the snow off of it first, which left me winded, but after letting it run for awhile and the sun helping melt a lot of it off, we set out with Dave as my co-pilot in case it bothered me too much.

It did not. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. Granted, we only went six miles and back and there was no traffic on mymside of the road to distract me. I think my drive to work will be very taxingnthe first time I do that by myself.

Dave said he’d drive me up to work the first time I go back to the office, which I hope is soon. I know it’ll tire  me out, but the only way I’ll get back into the swing of things…is to get back into the swing of things!

But, today was a big, big step. I didn’t get sick or feel horrible when I got back, so that’s a good sign. Once I get the car inspected tomorrow, I won’t feel to concerned about driving myself down to the local Irving station, or to the bank. Could happen.

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