Discharged @ Home

I was discharged from my occupational therapy. Oh, I’m still participating in it, I just don’t need supervision anymore.

There was a different woman who came to discharge me and she needed to ask me a lot of the same old questions, then she ran me through a few tests.

One of them was turning around 360º. This went fine, a tad wobbly, but not bad at all. Then she asked me to do it the same thing with my eyes closed! Yikes! Thankfully, she kept her arms stretched out around me so I wouldn’t topple over. I didn’t topple, but sure swayed quite a bit. Not bad overall though.

She seemed very pleased with my progress, and I suppose I am too. I still don’t like bending over as there is some pressure in the are of my head where the aneurysm was. Not pain, just discomfort. Also sneezing is still horrible.

Another baby step on the road to recovery. I just need to make myself MOVE and get some exercise. Walking and stretches, possibly very low-impact yoga, are on my agenda for the first of the month.

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