Numbness Part II

Although when I had my bout with numbness I my right hand, tongue and wrist two weeks ago and went to the ER, I
chalked it up to being a migraine symptom, I was unprepared to have it all again the following Friday. Especially since I didn’t get a migraine either time…not that I’m complaining about that! I just don’t know WHY it’s happening.

I had hoped Dr. Kwan would express a little more interest in that, but I kind of blew it off as a symptom of migraines and we left it that I’d address it with a neurologist. It had only
happened once at the time of our appointment, so I may have pushed it a bit more had it happened the 2nd time.

At this point,the two common denominators associated with both times it has happened are that I was laying and sleeping on the couch on my right side for some time…..and it was Friday! LOL Somehow I doubt the later is a reason.

I was also wondering if I may have some nerve damage in that hand/arm. When I came out of surgery, I had some pretty
horrific black and blue marks over the entire surface of the inside of my lower right arm due to IVs and blood being taken. I had them in both arms, but the right arm was horrible for weeks. So, I’m wondering if one of those did some damage….I just don’t know and probably won’t know until I can get in to see a neurologist. I currently don’t have one, so I’ll need to get some referrals from people. Kelli, my nurse from Health Reach, is going to look into some people in my area instead of in Scarborough, which would be great.

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