Shopping Adventure

When I left my visit from work, I was very tired and my eyes and balance were bothering me, but I needed to run into Rite Aid and give them my new insurance info. Well, I suppose I didn’t NEED to go in, but I thought I’d give it a try since I need a few more items and thought it would be easier for me to go in and get them myself, rather than explain exactly what I needed to Dave. I wish I had!

The hairspray wasn’t difficult, but when I hit the toothpaste aisle….issues! I had trouble focusing. Had trouble concentrating on what items I needed to get. It was odd, frustrating and I got a little ill.

Once we got out of there, I was dizzy. I had to close my eyes on the way home and went right to bed when I got home. Still not feeling great, but I couldn’t get to sleep. I am just NOT a napper! LOL

So, that was my first test at going into a store. I guess I can’t do it just yet! Sorry Dave!

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