Chatty Cathy

We had another brain aneurysm support group meeting in Portland. The turnout was not as good as in previous months and we’re sure it’s because of the beautiful weather we were having. There were only two of us for quite some time, then we learned the speaker had to cancel due to a death in the family. Now what?

Finally a few more people showed up and a decision to simply have an open forum of discussion was agreed upon. There were 21 at last month’s meeting and this month was about half that at 11. There were four survivors and 3 care givers, two mental health care givers, Dave’s sister Nancy, our own medical person from the hospital and a reporter. I knew there was a possibility the reporter would be there to write a story, so we were very pleased when a few more people showed up.

As it turns out, it was probably one of the best group sessions the reporter could have attended because there WASN’T a speaker. We spoke freely, asked questions of one another and shared frustrations, fears, and our collective “brain bling” because the four survivors in the group were craniotomy & clipping recipients. It was a wonderful hour and 15 minutes of sharing and in some cases educational for a few.

I seemed to think I was overly talkative when I thought about it afterwards. I think because the reporter WAS there, I wanted to make sure some of the efforts of our group and our events were brought to attention as well as some of my own personal experience. And perhaps I did a bit too much. Probably the reason the reporter never spoke to me personally about my experience…I blabbed about it the whole meeting. LOL I was the only one she didn’t seem to speak with afterwards. I guess I gave her enough info…and then some, or my story just wasn’t that intriguing.

It was nice to speak up and out. I don’t get the opportunity very much, other than in this blog, and I never know who is, and isn’t reading my blog because they rarely make themselves known to me. I enjoyed knowing I could speak freely and have people understand some of what I was talking about. I hope I didn’t do too much or interrupt. Listening is the most important thing you can do at a support group meeting. It’s why we’re there…to lend support and allow people to speak. I just spoke…and spoke…and spoke. So I apologize if I ran over anyone. Chatty Cathy can be powerful!

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