Since my craniotomy brain aneurysm clipping surgery in January, I have slept at an angle with a large, decorative pillow behind my regular pillow. I decided to try sleeping with a regular one instead and realized I guess I can’t sleep that low. I was kind of surprised.

I had trouble getting to sleep the other night. My skull was “acting up”. I have yet to find the correct word to describe how it feels. It’s not hurting per say, but it feels strange and kind of aching and disarming. Almost like someone is squeezing my brain, or at least the tissues around my brain. I’m sure it’s just all of those layers of tissue continuing to heal after being cut apart and pealed way from my skull, but laying down flatter certainly made it more prevalent.

Gravity was not my friend. I tried to get comfortable. I always start to sleep on my right side anyway, but even that wasn’t very comfortable. I rolled over and that didn’t help, even when I tried to position the pillows so they weren’t touching my head in that area. Which is NOT easy, trust me! 🙂

So, I grabbed the large pillow again and positioned that behind my head and that helped…or at least psychologically it helped me. I’m not sure if this is just part of that healing and recovery process or if laying lower really created that discomfort. I had the same discomfort driving home from work today. I know I can’t blame that on gravity as I don’t normally lay down while driving! I think they frown upon that.

Dave has urged me to take advantage of our medical personnel presence at the brain aneurysm support group this Friday to ask her if I should be concerned or if that’s just a normal part of the healing and recovery. I just wish I could describe the feeling better.

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