I Remember

As my six month anniversary of my brain aneurysm clipping arrives, I ran across the notes I took at my first followup appointment with the surgeon. I scribbled that the “bone has to heal”. I keep forgetting the bone will heal around the screws and plates holding the bone flap secure. The last several weeks, I have “felt” my brain/head/nerves when I lay at a flatter level in bed. It’s not painful, it’s just not a pleasant sensation. So I have added another pillow and that helps.

On Neurosurgery.com from Australia, there was this question: Does the bone heal back into the skull?  In most cases yes, but in some people it can re-absorb to a degree then you will have a depression in your skull.

I must be one of the “some people” statistic. I notice the depression and can feel it and Dave has noticed it, but unless I point it out to people I don’t think they know it’s there. So I should stop pointing it out, right? LOL Hey, I had a hole cut into my head and 53 stitches. It MAY just leave a scar, right?

I know things are continuing to heal. The scalp is still numb, but it appears to be getting some feeling back now. My short strands of hair that were shaved at the incision are now growing a tick longer and annoying the hell out of me! We’ll see if I can hold out one more month then get it all cut short for the rest of the summer.

I THINK I’m starting to get some energy back. Granted, I haven’t really DONE much of anything. I’m getting chubby, but I’m rested. That’s good isn’t it? I’m up for a full physical next week and have to get some lab work done this week. We’ll see how my numbers look.

Overall I’m doing well. I’m listening to my body and when I need to sleep, I sleep. At least I try to. The main reason I had this procedure done was so I can continue living and that’s what I’m trying to do…one month at a time. I must remember I am still recovering and must remember my head/skull/brain is still healing. My brain bling is firmly in place.

2 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Hi Heidi:
    How can anyone read anything here and not want to donate to your wonderful cause? good luck this year with your challenge.


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