Here it is!

announcement_ICONMy NEW & hopefully IMPROVED Brain Blog is now up and running. I’ve been working on it during my lunch hour and in the evenings to get all of the previous blog entries converted to WordPress. Not because I wanted to, but because GoDaddy kind of forced me to. 😦   Booo….although I think it looks very nice and should be easier to read and follow.

I’m still playing with it and learning how to use WordPress. I know WordPress is the gold standard for blog programs, and there are a lot of things it does that I still haven’t grasped but I’m getting there.

If you read my blog, please let me know. I never know until I ask if people are reading it as only about two or three people every comment.

I hope the blog has helped anyone who has had a brain aneurysm or knows someone who has one. It’s meant to be educational, but helping in letting survivors know they’re not alone in the feelings and frustrations they’re going through. Our aneurysms may all be different sizes and in different locations from one another, but many of the symptoms and after-effects are very similar.

Stay strong!

2 thoughts on “Here it is!

  1. Good luck with your new programming Aunt Heidi. I am sure that you will figure it out in no time. You are a wiz at that stuff. What you do sharing your experiences through this Blog is great. I am sure that it is therapeutic for you as well as the survivors who have went though the same frustrations you have. You are a strong and amazing woman. I Love you!!!


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