The Old Two-Day Meeting Test

Well, nothing like an hour and a half drive and two full days of meetings to test one’s fatigue and stamina!

I had to attend a two day conference where just getting there was a first test. Driving an hour and a half away was the longest I have driven along since my surgery. It’s an easy drive, but one must concentrate on staying focused while driving. I did…I arrived…I was tired. I would have preferred to close my eyes for 15 minutes, but the agenda would wait for no one.

Paying attention, listening, interacting, taken notes, and just plain old thinking took their toll on me both days. We have very few meaningful breaks where I could rest properly and one day we worked through lunch while we ate, so I had not chance to leave and rest. I made the drive home and promptly just wanted to settle into a hot tub and soak my tension away – which I did!

I don’t expect anyone to understand what I’m going through and I certainly hope no one thought I was bored or falling asleep those few times I actually had to close my eyes during the meetings, but I had to take care of ME. I’m only a little over four months about. I may look fine, but I still have my days and times when it’s a struggle.

Well, at least I look better than I did four months ago! 🙂


One thought on “The Old Two-Day Meeting Test

  1. Great job with the driving Aunt Heidi. I am sure that was a task for you. As you said, it has only been a little over 4 months. I am sure that you had to close your eyes a bit at the meeting after the drive and all of the focusing that your brain isn’t used to. I am happy that Glad you soaked in the tub when it was all said and done. GOOD JOB!!!


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