A Clean and a Cut

At the 15-week mark I got my hair cut! I wasn’t sure how having someone else comb and pull my hair would feel, but she was great and the process wasn’t too bad. My scalp is still numb and there is activity still going on with those pesky nerves, so there has been a lot of “activity” since I got home from the hair stylist.

Feels great to have a hair cut and have something better to work with. I still have the section of bangs that is sticking straight up, but the rest of the bangs have been cut around that section as it continues to grow out around the incision They surgical team at Maine Med did a great job shaving/cutting the hair prior to surgery.
My hair stylist had a lot of questions about the procedure and everything that was involved and how I felt. I never have a problem discussing it if I’m asked.

Also this week, I finally made that dentist appointment I have had to cancel twice because of the pain from my jaw muscle. I can’t say this appointment was pleasant, but I got through it. My jaw was sore afterwards and the antibiotics I have to take before each dental visit make me feel lousy too. Double whammy. And this was just a cleaning!

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