How Are You Doing?

I had a visit with my regular doctor last week for a check-up. It’s always good to get a reminder that I’m still early in the recovery process and that the fatigue factor could be with me for up to a year out. I mentioned my dent and how I can see and feel where the screws and pins are around the bone plate, but she was nice and said if I hadn’t pointed them out, she would’t even notice. LOL

Outwardly I look fine to other people, so they think I’m all healed and ready to go, but I will still have struggles for months to come. My cousin Rae is sending me the sweetest and most thoughtful cards, and today a co-worker who doesn’t work in my department asked how I was REALLY doing…not just the fly-by-walk in the hallway “how are you?” and that was thoughtful that he took the time to really ask.

I need to cut myself some slack on the days I’d just rather sleep and not feel guilty. I still need to do that for myself and listen to my body. I am still in recovery.

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