Back At Work Full Time

It’s only Wednesday, but I’ve worked for 8 hours every day this week so far. Monday and Tuesday in the office and today from home. So far, so good. Haven’t fallen asleep or fallen down the stairs, so that’s a positive sign.

Monday I had a pretty good headache by the time I got home and was very tired. Tuesday was VERY tired all day, but no headache. Today I had a headache all day. Almost called it a half a day, but stuck it out after two Tylenol after lunch and even made a pretty good dinner. EXTREMELY exhausted right now. Forgot to call my mom today…hope she forgives me! I’ll do it tomorrow.

As I start to develop fatigue during the day, I get this zinging pain around the bone plate area. They don’t last long, thank God, but they’re very sudden. Almost like a little electric shock being sent through a pointer. Very sudden, sharp pain, then it’s gone.

My scalp is still numb. Maybe a LITTLE bit more feeling back. Hard to tell just yet. At least taking showers doesn’t wipe me out as much. My jaw is still hurting through. Sometimes it’ll get a longer, aching pain and other times it’s a zinger pain like the head pain is.

I now have one side burn. ONE. LOL The hair around my ear has grown back, but it’s not long enough to go behind my ear with my glasses, so it has a tendency to stick out straight. Thankfully the rest of my hair can cover it for a bit.

The few people who know I’m back at work have been very welcoming. I didn’t see any of them while I was out these two months. Thankfully, I didn’t have a huge pile of jobs waiting for me when I got back and I have a good project to work on that will keep me busy, but isn’t terribly pressing so I can take my time with it. I know the fatigue will be with me for a while, so I’m extremely thankful to work for a company that allows me to work from home so I don’t have to get up as early and worry about the drive. Dave has been driving me this week.

Hopefully tomorrow and Friday won’t be too tough and I can catch up on my rest this weekend. But, it’s another milestone I’m getting through getting back to the real world. I’m one of the lucky ones.

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