Even though what I went through almost two weeks ago wasn’t as traumatic as my rupture in 2006, it was still stressful on my brain. Coiling was attempted and then a stent was employed, so some things out of the norm still occurred.

Even though I know fatigue is a major after-effect of any brain issue, it can still be very frustrating and cause one to feel out of sorts and un-effective when all you want to do is sleep. Reading that it’s OK to feel fatigue and that it’s normal again has helped. It’s getting everyone else to understand that fatigue is a part of this that’s difficult some times.

People at work have been great and Dave is always understanding, but those who are outside of the realm may not get it and explaining it in depth just isn’t something I like to do with every person. Oh, well….it is what it is!!

And I’ll probably JUST get to feeling back to normal and I’ll get to do it all over again for the coiling at the end of April. Goody!

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