What This Kind of Looks Like

Although the diagram below isn’t exact, it’s a decent representation of how things are currently looking in my brain,
with regards to the larger aneurysm.

The one that ruptured in 2006 is approx. 1/2” in diameter. 16 platinum coils were inserted into the aneurysm. Since then, either the aneurysm has grown or the coils have compact resulting in a small pocket of blood to leak back into the aneurysm.

Last week, my neurointerventional radiologist attempted to add more coils to the aneurysm, but was uncomfortable doing that with the current conditions of my arteries and the wide neck of the aneurysm remnant, so a Neuform
Microdelivery Stent
was implanted across the neck of the

The stent will allow more control and easier delivery of coils to the aneurysm, which we will go back and try again
at the end of April.

According to the information I was given the size of the stent is a little less than 1/8” of an inch wide and a little over 3/4” of an inch long. The stent will allow blood to flow through that artery better and keep the artery open and clear for coil implants.

It’s pretty amazing to think of all this “metal” in my head now, but it’s saving my life.

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