Additional Coiling

Just got back from the Dr. in Scarborough. We had a real good, hour-long meeting with him to discuss procedures and risks. At the end of the hour, I decided to have the recoiling done with a possibility of a stent, but only if he sees there might be an issue with recoiling that area of the larger aneurysm. It doesn’t appear he’s concerned there will be issues, but just in case his first coil doesn’t want to stay put or something, he’ll put the stent in, then I’ll come back for more coiling 6 weeks later. He didn’t seem overly alarmed with any serious risks to the recoiling. There is a slightly higher risk with the stent, but I’m right there on the table so if something does happen, they can address right there and then.

I keep calling it recoiling, but it’s technically additional coiling being added.

I feel confident that this is the best thing to do at the moment. He also wants to get a non-invasive image of the smaller aneurysm so that it can be monitored in the future without having to go in via the groin on a yearly basis, which I’m fine with. They may order a CTA scan while I’m in the hospital at the same time.

They’re scheduling surgeries for March right now, so I’ll have all February to think about it…or not! Then he’s away in Finland for the month of April working with a high-ranking surgeon over there. I’m hoping the coiling is scheduled for very early March, but we’ll see.

Dr. Ecker performs elective surgeries (clipping and coiling) on Wednesdays. I’ll need to be put on a regimen of Plavix and Aspirin four days prior to the procedure and that’s only in case the stent will be inserted to keep the blood thin and prevent any clotting. If the coiling goes well and I don’t need the stent, then I can stop the aspirin and plavix. If he puts the stent in, then I need to keep up with those meds until after the other coiling is done and possibly for several years after depending on how my blood flow is.

Confused yet? LOL Here’s the Reader’s Digest version:
1) Schedule procedure for March
2) Start Aspirin/Plavix regimen Sunday prior to procedure
3) Coils added to large Aneurysm.
4) Stay in hospital overnight for monitoring
5) Leave hospital next day
6) Possible two or three days off from work after that

If the coils don’t “take”, a stent will be inserted the same day and I’ll have to go back six weeks later for coiling. The reason he puts the stent in then waits six weeks is to give
the stent time to adjust to its surroundings and not move during coiling, which makes sense.

I think I’m in good hands and I’m feeling good about just knowing what we’re going to do now. Still some minor risks involved, but he really calmed my fears and put me at ease knowing he’s done hundreds of these and really knows what he’s doing.

I’m on an aspirin test tonight. I thought I was allergic to aspirin and it made my heart race, but it might be something else. We’ll find out!!

So, all of you re-coilers might be getting questions from me in the next month!

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