My Brain

The news is pretty good. In fact, much better than we were expecting based on some of the conversations we’ve had with the Dr. previously.

Basically, I do not have to have open brain surgery and clipping, so that’s great news. He didn’t feel the issues with the larger aneurysm, nor the size, location or shape of the smaller one, required it. Once that was out of the way, I felt much better.

There ARE some issues with the larger 2006 aneurysm that can either be addressed now, or later. In fact he said we could do nothing with it now and then have an angiogram in 2012 to monitor it,mbut since it has developed some issues since 2006, I’m probably going to opt to have it “taken care” sooner rather than later because it’s the original aneurysm and it WAS a ruptured aneurysm, so it may be susceptible to rupturing again should we not treat it.

With the Dr.’s recommendations, I think we’re going to opt for having more coils inserted into the aneurysm and fill up that one area that has expanded. It’s a low risk operation. There’s a possibility he might insert a stent into the artery (which will increase any risk slightly) to keep the artery shaped better for the coils to keep their shape within the aneurysm. I still don’t understand it all. The first course of
action will more than likely be re-coiling the larger annie. I have unusual artery configurations apparently.

Regarding the smaller aneurysm, he felt it wasn’t at risk for rupturing and we all agreed I’d live with it as is and monitor it with MRI’s. It appears there WAS something there on my previous angiograms but it was never mentioned or pointed out. The wonderful thing about this most recent angiogram I had last week, was that it’s in 3D. The images are soooo much better than they were even back in 2006 and 2007. So the smaller annie showed up VERY well on last week’s angiogram. It’s near the larger aneurysm, but he didn’t feel it was a serious issue at this point and the risksmof treating it would far out weigh the risks of just letting it sit and monitor it. I’m okay with that at this point….I guess. LOL Still not sure how I feel.

He also noticed an irregular area on my RIGHT carotid artery behind my right eye. (both of my other annies are behind my left eye). He said we’ll just keep an eye on it, but that it posed absolutely no concern right now. I have irregular arteries. I’m so special!

He didn’t want us to rush into a decision today, so we scheduled another appointment with him on Jan. 23rd to give us some time to do research and make a first decision on what I want to do…then we’ll go from there. The coiling would be an over-night stay in the hospital and that’s it. I’ve read where many people who have had recoiling take a week of work and that’s it, so that’s good news. If we decide to do that stents, the risks are a little higher and it might require a slighter longer hospital stay, but I don’t know yet. He spent a good hour and a half with us and had all of my images from 2006 and beyond so it was great to compare images.

So, no open brain surgery and and a low-risk procedure is possible in the next month or so.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…aneurysms and all!

Thanks for all your kind words of support. It’s all scary, but it really helps knowing there are others out there going through the same type of thing and also living with multiple annies.

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