3rd Annie-Versary

I “celebrated” my 3rd annie-versary of my rupture last Monday. It’s been a rough month with putting Kim to rest so close to my own anniversary of my rupture and things being very stressful at work. I think Dave and I just need some time away from everyone and everything.

BUT, I have to continue to remember what I’ve been through and how lucky I truly am. Also how lucky I am to have Dave with me.

Even though it has been three years,mthere are so many things about that time period that remain so fresh in my mind. Some good, some bad and even after three years, there are still things that effect my head. I still get very tired. I still have head pain when I cough hard or sneeze hard. My eyes still have trouble in stores that have a lot of enclosed, small aisles with tons of items in them.

One interesting “side effect” I noticed is that I sleep more soundly. I was always a VERY light sleeper prior to the rupture. Now, once I’m asleep…I’m out! The furnace doesn’t wake me up when it pops on. Only the cats seem to wake me when I don’t want to be awakened…as the did that cool October morning in 2006 shortly before the rupture.

I’ve had trouble dealing with Kim’smdeath over my survival of my rupture. The questions “Why her and not me” is a question that won’t ever be answered. And I supposed I have to be okay with that. It’s a struggle sometimes.

It’s been a tough year for Dave and I, but I look forward to making more plans for our wedding in June. Something we’re looking forward to with great anticipation.

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