The KAT-Walk 2009

It was a stunning day out and a stunning location along the Back Cove of Portland, where Kim spent a lot of time walking. Today was the first KAT-Walk for Brain Aneurysm Awareness. Dave and I got there very early for set up. Several tents, flags, signs and tables needed to be assembled. One tent for Dress For Success, one tent for Registration, one tent for the water and cheese that was donated, one tent for The Brain Aneurysm Foundation and a banner/tent that Dave made for our Starting Line. Then we had to post the many, many sneaker signs that Dave made. Among other things. Everyone was very impressed.

Almost 200 people showed up for the walk. Many others stopped to make a donation, but didn’t attend the walk. I’d have to say what we lacked in quantity for the walk, we made up for with quality. Salt-of-the earth people with compassion and caring in their hearts. Kim was definitely looking down on us. Approx. $2,500 was donated just today and there is more online and in the mail that we’re aware of. I’m now hearing well over $5,000 has been raised so far.

Kim’s dog, her pug Bella, lead the walk. Dave informed me after a few steps that he wasn’t participating with the walk, so I continued on by myself. Nancy couldn’t do the walk either because of her hip surgery last summer. So I plugged on and met up with one of Kim’s dear friends, Angel and she had a bad ankle, so we kept a slower pace, but made the entire 3+ mile walk and crossed the finish line in a little over an hour very
sore, but proud of ourselves. I’m sure a lot of people in that city walk, bikemor run that trail on a daily basis, but I don’t, so I was beat.

Everyone helped tear things down, which was a HUGE help, then there was a small reception over at a pub/restaurant at a golf course that Nancy always goes out to. Everyone agreed it was a good day and everyone agreed Kim would have been very pleased.

The woman, Ginny, from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation brought some great things to hand out and raise awarenessmfor the symptoms of aneurysms and the kinds of treatments. Magnets, fliers, brochures, key chains, pens and even DVDs. We were VERY pleased to see manympeople stopping at the booth and speaking with her. I had a short chat with hermabout my own experience with my annie and Dori and Rhonda, she agreed with me that you two should be check out given our family history with Debbie, Tim’s and my aneurysm. Of course, I now worry about Dave and Nancy too!

I took my camera, but never pulled itmout. There were many people taking photos and the sister-in law of one of the planners is a professional photographer and donated her time and services to take photos the entire day. I can’t wait to see her photos. I think she’ll have some really great shots.

We’re both exhausted, but it was worth it. I ate two brownies with a tall glass of milk when I got home and had an Ibuprofen chaser and a long soak in the tub.

I think Kim was looking down on us and smiling and telling God “See those signs? My Uncle Dave made those.”. It felt good to DO good in her honor.

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